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had passed this point; after that the story was safely

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Joiwind nodded and smiled to it. "That's a personal friend of mine, Maskull. Whenever I come this way, I see it. It's always waltzing, and always in a hurry, but it never seems to get anywhere."

had passed this point; after that the story was safely

"It seems to me that life is so self - sufficient here that there is no need for anyone to get anywhere. What I don't quite understand is how you manage to pass your days without ennui."

had passed this point; after that the story was safely

"That's a strange word. It means, does it not, craving for excitement?"

had passed this point; after that the story was safely

"Something of the kind," said Maskull.

"That must be a disease brought on by rich food."

"How could we be? Our blood is quick and light and free, our flesh is clean and unclogged, inside and out .... Before long I hope you will understand what sort of question you have asked."

Farther on they encountered a strange phenomenon. In the heart of the desert a fountain rose perpendicularly fifty feet into the air, with a cool and pleasant hissing sound. It differed, however, from a fountain in this respect - that the water of which it was composed did not return to the ground but was absorbed by the atmosphere at the summit. It was in fact a tall, graceful column of dark green fluid, with a capital of coiling and twisting vapours.

When they came closer, Maskull perceived that this water column was the continuation and termination of a flowing brook, which came down from the direction of the mountains. The explanation of the phenomenon was evidently that the water at this spot found chemical affinities in the upper air, and consequently forsook the ground.


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