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inspired a certain amount of respect which melted away,

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"But that's beautiful," responded Mrs. Jameson. She smiled rather absently, for the first guest had just entered.

inspired a certain amount of respect which melted away,

It was Kent - Smith, the ex - magistrate, celebrated for his shrewd judicial humour, which, however, he had the good sense not to attempt to carry into private life. Although well on the wrong side of seventy, his eyes were still disconcertingly bright. With the selective skill of an old man, he immediately settled himself in the most comfortable of many comfortable chairs.

inspired a certain amount of respect which melted away,

"So we are to see wonders tonight?"

inspired a certain amount of respect which melted away,

"Fresh material for your autobiography," remarked Faull.

"Ah, you should not have mentioned my unfortunate book. An old public servant is merely amusing himself in his retirement, Mr. Backhouse. You have no cause for alarm - I have studied in the school of discretion."

"I am not alarmed. There can be no possible objection to your publishing whatever you please."

"You are most kind," said the old man, with a cunning smile.

"Trent is not coming tonight," remarked Mrs. Jameson, throwing a curious little glance at her brother.


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