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The long-bodied student silently pulled out of his pocket

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The house and the shop were separated by an open yard, littered with waste. A single stone wall surrounded both, except on the side facing the sea, where the house itself formed a continuation of the cliff. No one appeared. The windows were all closed, and Maskull could have sworn that the whole establishment was shut up and deserted.

The long-bodied student silently pulled out of his pocket

He passed through the open gate, followed by Nightspore, and knocked vigorously at the front door. The knocker was thick with dust and had obviously not been used for a long time. He put his ear to the door, but could hear no movements inside the house. He then tried the handle; the door was looked.

The long-bodied student silently pulled out of his pocket

They walked around the house, looking for another entrance, but there was only the one door.

The long-bodied student silently pulled out of his pocket

"This isn't promising," growled Maskull "There's no one here... .. Now you try the shed, while I go over to that tower."

Nightspore, who had not spoken half a dozen words since leaving the train, complied in silence, and started off across the yard. Maskull passed out of the gate again. When he arrived at the foot of the tower, which stood some way back from the cliff, he found the door heavily padlocked. Gazing up, he saw six windows, one above the other at equal distances, all on the cast face - that is, overlooking the sea. Realising that no satisfaction was to be gained here, he came away again, still more irritated than before. When' he rejoined his friend, Nightspore reported that the workshop was also locked.

"Did we, or did we not, receive an invitation?" demanded Maskull energetically.

"The house is empty," replied Nightspore, biting his nails. "Better break a window."

"I certainly don't mean to camp out till Krag condescends to come."


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