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to this ‘both gay and sad, echoed in the Poet’s heart’”

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"Is that a sign from Shaping?" asked Maskull, in a low, awed tone.

to this ‘both gay and sad, echoed in the Poet’s heart’”

"Perhaps it is. It is a time mirage."

to this ‘both gay and sad, echoed in the Poet’s heart’”

"You see, dear Maskull, the temple does not yet exist but it will do so, because it must. What you and I are now doing in simplicity, wise men will do hereafter in full knowledge."

to this ‘both gay and sad, echoed in the Poet’s heart’”

"It is right for man to pray," said Maskull. "Good and evil in the world don't originate from nothing. God and Devil must exist. And we should pray to the one, and fight the other."

"What name did you say?" asked Maskull in amazement.

"Krag - the author of evil and misery - whom you call Devil."

He immediately concealed his thoughts. To prevent Joiwind from learning his relationship to this being, he made his mind a blank.

"Why do you hide your mind from me?" she demanded, looking at him strangely and changing colour.


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