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At dinner, Sergey Ivanovich joked a great deal, delved

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"It is right for man to pray," said Maskull. "Good and evil in the world don't originate from nothing. God and Devil must exist. And we should pray to the one, and fight the other."

At dinner, Sergey Ivanovich joked a great deal, delved

"What name did you say?" asked Maskull in amazement.

At dinner, Sergey Ivanovich joked a great deal, delved

"Krag - the author of evil and misery - whom you call Devil."

At dinner, Sergey Ivanovich joked a great deal, delved

He immediately concealed his thoughts. To prevent Joiwind from learning his relationship to this being, he made his mind a blank.

"Why do you hide your mind from me?" she demanded, looking at him strangely and changing colour.

"In this bright, pure, radiant world, evil seems so remote, one can scarcely grasp its meaning." But he lied.

Joiwind continued gazing at him, straight out of her clean soul. "The world is good and pure, but many men are corrupt. Panawe, my husband, has travelled, and he has told me things I would almost rather have not heard. One person he met believed the universe to be, from top to bottom, a conjurer's cave."

"I should like to meet your husband."


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