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approaching a delicate point. I was quite disturbed by

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"I don't wish to speak ill of anyone," said Joiwind, "but my instinct tells me that you are better away from those men. They did not come here for your sake, but for their own."

approaching a delicate point. I was quite disturbed by

They walked on for a long time. Maskull was beginning to feel faint. She twined her magn lovingly around his waist, and a strong current of confidence and well - being instantly coursed through his veins.

approaching a delicate point. I was quite disturbed by

"Thanks, Joiwind! But am I not weakening you?"

approaching a delicate point. I was quite disturbed by

"Yes," she replied, with a quick, thrilling glance. "But not much - and it gives me great happiness."

Presently they met a fantastic little creature, the size of a new - born lamb, waltzing along on three legs. Each leg in turn moved to the front, and so the little monstrosity proceeded by means of a series of complete rotations. It was vividly coloured, as though it had been dipped into pots of bright blue and yellow paint. It looked up with small, shining eyes, as they passed.

Joiwind nodded and smiled to it. "That's a personal friend of mine, Maskull. Whenever I come this way, I see it. It's always waltzing, and always in a hurry, but it never seems to get anywhere."

"It seems to me that life is so self - sufficient here that there is no need for anyone to get anywhere. What I don't quite understand is how you manage to pass your days without ennui."

"That's a strange word. It means, does it not, craving for excitement?"


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