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brothers. The girls studied music. The boys hung around

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Maskull stared at the table. After a minute he raised his brows, and turned to Nightspore with a smile. "The message grows more intricate."

brothers. The girls studied music. The boys hung around

Nightspore looked bored. "The valve became unfastened. The contents have escaped through the open window toward the sun, carrying the bottle with them. But the bottle will be burned up by the earth's atmosphere, and the contents will dissipate, and will not reach the sun."

brothers. The girls studied music. The boys hung around

Maskull listened attentively, and his smile faded. "Does anything prevent us from experimenting with this other bottle?"

brothers. The girls studied music. The boys hung around

"Replace it in the cupboard," said Nightspore. "Arcturus is still below the horizon, and you would succeed only in wrecking the house."

Maskull remained standing before the window, pensively gazing out at the sunlit moors.

"Krag treats me like a child," he remarked presently. "And perhaps I really am a child.... My cynicism must seem most amusing to Krag. But why does he leave me to find out all this by myself - for I don't include you, Nightspore.... But what time will Krag be here?"

"Not before dark, I expect," his friend replied.

It was by this time past three o'clock. Feeling hungry, for they had eaten nothing since early morning, Maskull went downstairs to forage, but without much hope of finding anything in the shape of food. In a safe in the kitchen he discovered a bag of mouldy oatmeal, which was untouchable, a quantity of quite good tea in an airtight caddy, and an unopened can of ox tongue. Best of all, in the dining - room cupboard he came across an uncorked bottle of first - class Scotch whisky. He at once made preparations for a scratch meal.


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