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the boys in blue denim, but they answered gruffly, unwillingly,

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"As, for example, how to make voyages to the stars. So this Surtur turns out to be an astronomer. And you too, presumably?"

the boys in blue denim, but they answered gruffly, unwillingly,

Krag grinned again. "How long will it take you to wind up your affairs? When can you be ready to start?"

the boys in blue denim, but they answered gruffly, unwillingly,

"You are too considerate," said Maskull, laughing outright. "I was beginning to fear that I would be hauled away at once.. .. However, I have neither wife, land, nor profession, so there's nothing to wait for.... What is the itinerary?"

the boys in blue denim, but they answered gruffly, unwillingly,

"You are a fortunate man. A bold, daring heart, and no encumbrances." Krag's features became suddenly grave and rigid. "Don't be a fool, and refuse a gift of luck. A gift declined is not offered a second time."

"Krag," replied Maskull simply, returning his pipe to his pocket. "I ask you to put yourself in my place. Even if were a man sick for adventures, how could I listen seriously to such an insane proposition as this? What do I know about you, or your past record? You may be a practical joker, or you may have come out of a madhouse - I know nothing about it. If you claim to be an exceptional man, and want my cooperation, you must offer me exceptional proofs."

"And what proofs would you consider adequate, Maskull?"

As he spoke he gripped Maskull's arm. A sharp, chilling pain immediately passed through the latter's body and at the same moment his brain caught fire. A light burst in upon him like the rising of the sun. He asked himself for the first time if this fantastic conversation could by any chance refer to real things.

"Listen, Krag," he said slowly, while peculiar images and conceptions started to travel in rich disorder through his mind. "You talk about a certain journey. Well, if that journey were a possible one, and I were given the chance of making it, I would be willing never to come back. For twenty - four hours on that Arcturian planet, I would give my life. That is my attitude toward that journey.... Now prove to me that you're not talking nonsense. Produce your credentials."


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