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gymnasium student who kept asking: “What do you charge

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"No. We go on first, and he joins us at Starkness on the evening of the day after tomorrow."

gymnasium student who kept asking: “What do you charge

Maskull remained thoughtful. "What am I to think of that man?"

gymnasium student who kept asking: “What do you charge

"For your information," replied Nightspore wearily, "I have never known him to lie."

gymnasium student who kept asking: “What do you charge

A couple of days later, at two o'clock in the afternoon, Maskull and Nightspore arrived at Starkness Observatory, having covered the seven miles from Haillar Station on foot. The road, very wild and lonely, ran for the greater part of the way near the edge of rather lofty cliffs, within sight of the North Sea. The sun shone, but a brisk cast wind was blowing and the air was salt and cold. The dark green waves were flecked with white. Through out the walk, they were accompanied by the plaintive, beautiful crying of the gulls.

The observatory presented itself to their eyes as a self-contained little community, without neighbours, and perched on the extreme end of the land. There were three buildings: a small, stone - built dwelling house, a low workshop, and, about two hundred yards farther north, a square tower of granite masonry, seventy feet in height.

The house and the shop were separated by an open yard, littered with waste. A single stone wall surrounded both, except on the side facing the sea, where the house itself formed a continuation of the cliff. No one appeared. The windows were all closed, and Maskull could have sworn that the whole establishment was shut up and deserted.

He passed through the open gate, followed by Nightspore, and knocked vigorously at the front door. The knocker was thick with dust and had obviously not been used for a long time. He put his ear to the door, but could hear no movements inside the house. He then tried the handle; the door was looked.

They walked around the house, looking for another entrance, but there was only the one door.


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