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five minutes,” I begged, and the five minutes were granted.

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Maskull bit his nail. "Have you ever heard of Crystalman?"

five minutes,” I begged, and the five minutes were granted.

"That is Shaping once again. You see, he has many names - which shows how much he occupies our minds. Crystalman is a name of affection."

five minutes,” I begged, and the five minutes were granted.

"It's odd," said Maskull. "I came here with quite different ideas about Crystalman."

five minutes,” I begged, and the five minutes were granted.

Joiwind shook her hair. "In that grove of trees over there stands a desert shrine of his. Let us go and pray there, and then we'll go on our way to Poolingdred. That is my home. It's a long way off, and we must get there before Blodsombre."

"For about four hours in the middle of the day Branchspell's rays are so hot that no one can endure them. We call it Blodsombre."

"Is Branchspell another name for Arcturus?"

Joiwind threw off her seriousness and laughed. "Naturally we don't take our names from you, Maskull. I don't think our names are very poetic, but they follow nature."

She took his arm affectionately, and directed their walk towards the tree - covered hills. As they went along, the sun broke through the upper mists and a terrible gust of scorching heat, like a blast from a furnace, struck Maskull's head. He involuntarily looked up, but lowered his eyes again like lightning. All that he saw in that instant was a glaring ball of electric white, three times the apparent diameter of the sun. For a few minutes he was quite blind.


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